About us

Offset Clothing was founded in 2019 at a time when climate awareness and climate tensions are at an all time high. After realizing how much our consumer centric society contributes to growing greenhouse gas emissions, our CEO decided he wanted to develop a product that was not just sustainable, but helped remove some emissions from the atmosphere at the same time.

The fashion industry, specifically the new fast fashion trend, is one that has become more and more of a consumable industry as time goes on. People are purchasing and discarding clothing at an alarming rate, in fact, according to CBS news, fashion is responsible for 8% of the global climate impact. This industry is ripe for a sustainable company to turn the page on this trend that impacts the planet so intensely.

That’s where the idea for offset clothing came into the picture. A company that can provide consumers with high quality clothing and contribute to projects that will help pull carbon out of the atmosphere at the same time thus becoming carbon negative. We have spent a lot of time figuring out how much carbon we emit into the atmosphere through our manufacturing and shipping process and we pledge for every ton of carbon we put in, we will take 5 tons out through donations to reliable, vetted, and high impact carbon removal projects. You can read more about how the process works on the Our Pledge page.

Our clothes are fashionable, durable, and by purchasing any item, you personally help take 500% of the carbon put into the atmosphere through our manufacturing process, out. Buying our clothes is a carbon negative purchase, simple as that.

Carbon Negativity

With the profits collected from each sale, we make sure that we support projects that are working to eliminate carbon from the atmosphere. We use organizations like Gold Standard to vet, and suggest projects that would not have existed if it were not for our contributions in the form of carbon offsets. This ensures that the projects we are supporting are completely organic in their carbon removal missions.

Giving Back

Offset Gear is committed to keeping existing environments flourishing as well as reducing emissions to keep our planet safe in the future. That is why we donate 10% of all net profits earned to environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO's). These donations help in conservation efforts by providing much needed funding to the organizations that need it most. 

Are you an NGO that would be interested in partnering with us? Do you know of a worthy NGO in your community? Please reach out to us using our contact form!