Black Friday Sale!

Offset Gear is having a Black Friday Sale! It seems like every year, Black Friday extends by a few days and we're not exactly going to go against the trend. I mean it's a trend right? It must be there for a reason. 


Starting Nov. 23rd, we are putting everything in the store on sale if you spend $25 or more with us! For every $25 you spend, the rest of the products in your cart are 30% off! Not too shabby if you ask us! 

Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable this holiday season. We appreciate you and your love of the environment!

Also, Make sure to follow us on twitter (@offser), Instagram (@offsetgear), and FACEBOOK (Rebranding is a little aggressive... @offsetgear) for exclusive deals. 

Have a great shopping season and Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US!

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